Magnus Hagander wrote:
On Tue, Dec 19, 2006 at 09:59:05PM +0900, Yoshiyuki Asaba wrote:

Win32 does not implement fseeko() and ftello(). So I think it limit to
handle a 2GB file. Is this a specification?
Yes, Magnus-san suggested the problem. It is present TODO. The entire adjustment was still difficult though I had tried it. SetFilePointer might be able to be saved. However, I think it might be an attempt of 8.3...
Is it able to use fsetpos()/fgetpos() instead of ftell()/fseek()?
fpos_t is a 8byte type. I tested pg_dump/pg_restore with the attached

Hmm. Yeah, that should work in principle.

However, did you test the actual backend after that change? Given where you
change the define of off_t, that would affect every call in the backend
that uses off_t, and it just seems very strange that you could get away
with that without touching anything else? (If we're lucky, but I
wouldn't count on it - there ought to be other functions in libc that we
call that takes off_t..)

I'd feel much happier if we could just patch pg_dump, since this is the only place we know of that we need to do large file seek/tell operations.

Did you see this from Andreas?

MinGW has fseeko64 and ftello64 with off64_t.

Maybe we need separate macros for MSVC and MinGW. Given the other interactions we might need to push those deep into the C files after all the system headers. Maybe create pg_dump_fseek.h and put them in there and then #include that very late.



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