Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Magnus Hagander wrote:
>> We need different macrosand possibly functions, yes.
>> I think I got enough patched at home last night to get it working with
>> this, I was just too focused on one set of macros at the time. It's not
>> enough to include them very late - because off_t is used in the shared
>> datastructures in pg_dump/etc. It is possible to localise it to the
>> pg_dump binaries, though, given some header redirection *and* given that
>> we change all those off_t to pgoff_t (or similar). I couldn't find a way
>> to do it without changing the off_t define.
>> I'll try to take a look at merging these two efforts (again unless
>> beaten to it, have to do some of that dreaded christmas shopping as
>> well...)
> What is needed to test this? Just a custom dump file with a member >
> 2^31 bytes?

Yeah, I believe so. It backs it up fine, but it won't restore it
properly. You can create such a database with the pgbench tool and the
correct scaling factor, per the original mail in this thread.


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