Simon Riggs wrote:
> I'm not clear about the difference between the unapplied patches list
> and the hold list. What is the significance of the two lists?
> There's a number of patches submitted to pgsql-patches that don't show
> up on either list. I haven't made a list of these, but they include
> major patches such as Grouped Item indexes and a number of others. Many
> of those are clearly marked as ready to apply/review/reject.
> Can I request that those be reviewed first? The unapplied patches list
> looks long and many things on it aren't even patches, AFAICS -
> presumably TODO items-in-waiting?
> Some minor points:
> [PATCHES] Incrementally Updated Backup, Simon Riggs
> has already been applied to 8.2
> [PATCHES] WAL logging freezing, Heikki Linnakangas
> has already been agreed/applied to 8.2

Thanks.  These two items have been removed from the patches hold queue.

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