Bruce Momjian wrote:
Dave Page wrote:
Bruce Momjian wrote:
The issue is that the _hold_ patches are for patches that arrived after
feature freeze.  The patches that arrived after 8.2 was released don't
go in there because it might cause confusion.  I also have to control
how quickly I push out patches from the queue so as not to overwhelm
Perhaps it would cause less confusion to name the queues for the version they will be reviewed/applied for, rather than to toggle between queue 1 and 2, the logic of which isn't aways immediately obvious to the causal observer.

I don't actually toggle. Hold is for stuff during feature freeze.

But then you go back to the other one once we're through freeze is what I mean.

I am open to new names.

patches-8_3 ? Anything coming in after FF then goes to patches-8_4.


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