Joshua D. Drake wrote:
Peter Eisentraut wrote:
Teodor Sigaev wrote:
If there aren't objections then we plan commit patch tomorrow or
after tomorrow.
I still haven't heard any argument for why this would be necessary or desirable at all, other than that it looks better for marketing reasons, which I will counter by saying that it looks worse for marketing reasons because our hailed plugin mechanism is apparently so poor that it can't support some practical extension module such as this.

Of which I will counter that we don't have a hailed plugin mechanism. We
have a contrib which professionals generally consider untested and not
part of PostgreSQL.

I am constantly running into this:

Q. Does PostgreSQL have full text indexing?
A. Yes it is in contrib.
Q. But that isn't part of core.
A. *sigh*

Where on the website can I see what "plugins" are included with PostgreSQL?

Where on the website can I see the Official PostgreSQL Documentation for
Full Text Indexing?

With TSearch2 in core will that fix the many upgrade problems associated
with using TSearch2?

contrib is a horrible misnomer. Can we maybe bite the bullet and call it something else?



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