Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Joshua D. Drake wrote:
>> Where on the website can I see what "plugins" are included with
>> PostgreSQL?

YES!  That's IMHO a more fundamental problem.  The specific
question about Text Search seems more like a symptom.  While
I don't mind Text Search in core, it seems an even bigger deal
that it's hard to find information on extensions (whether
from contrib or from gborg or from external places like postgis).

A web page with a table easily visible on the
postgresql web site that had
   Extension         (i.e. tsearch2, postgis)
   Project Maturity  (i.e. alpha/beta/stable)
   Compatability     (i.e. extension 1.0 works with postgresql 8.2)
   Description       (i.e. "full text search")
would be a partial fix.

> contrib is a horrible misnomer. Can we maybe bite the bullet and call it
> something else?

How about "plugins" or "extensions" or "optional libraries".

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