On 1/24/07, Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Peter Eisentraut wrote:
>> contrib is a horrible misnomer. Can we maybe bite the bullet and call
>> it something else?
> plugins?

How about 'modules' or 'extras' or 'extensions'? :)

standard-plugins might be more informative. I think of them as being
like perl's standard modules, things that are part of the standard perl
distribution as opposed to all the other stuff on CPAN.

Personally, I don't quite like 'plugins'.  it may be that when I think of
plugins, I think of 'GIMP plugins'. ;)  And I think hosting providers
would exclude plugins almost as often as they do with contrib.
"They are not 'core' so it's safe to exclude them"

Same with 'extras' or 'extensions' -- they seem to imply that you
can do without them.

This is the reason I like 'modules' best.  It makes one think that it is
something maybe part of core, maybe not, but it has been isolated
into separate entity for maintenance reasons.

My EUR 0.02


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