Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Jeremy Drake wrote:
>> I for one am greatly looking forward to tsearch2 being in core.  I
>> was very fond of the plugin mechanism, until I signed up with a
>> hosting provider.
> Yes, you have told us about your hosting provider before.  Just make 
> sure your next hosting provider does not refuse to install database 
> objects whose OID is a multiple of 13 because of bad luck, or you might 
> miss out on full-text indexing again.

sure that ISP is a bit stupid(especially wrt plpgsql) - but tsearch2 in
the current version is actually imposing some additional(often
non-trivial) complexity for things like database restores and upgrades
so I can see an ISP wanting to avoid that altogether.
A fully integrated fulltext search could make that much easier(in a few
years when most distributions have picked up 8.3) and just telling
people they should switch their hosting ISP is not always an immediatly
workable solution (think contracts,migration costs,legacy apps).


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