> The problem with this proposal is that the ISPs aren't the ones running
> configure --- these days, most people are running prebuilt packages
> (RPMs or DEBs or what have you).  So what you are hoping is that the
> packagers will choose to do this and thereby force these modules into
> the "standard" configuration for everybody using their packages.  I'm
> not sure that the packagers will change ... well maybe Gentoo will,
> but not anyone with more conservative policies ... and I'm pretty sure
> any who do will get push-back from people who still won't trust contrib.

Well perhaps it is time to trim Contrib even further. E.g;

Why is ltree still in contrib? What prevents it from being in core?

Why is pgcrypto,pgstattuple and pg_freespacemap in contrib?

I would almost think it makes sense to have:

/modules - This is for things that are indeed modules they will be
installed by default but are not *internal* like sum() or generate_series()

/contrib - This is for things like adminpack, dblink, pgbench


Joshua D. Drake

>                       regards, tom lane
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