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I don't have any such paper and the proof of concept will be the implementation of the system. I do however see enough resistance against this proposal to withdraw the commit timestamp at this time. The new replication system will therefore require the installation of a patched, non-standard PostgreSQL version, compiled from sources cluster wide in order to be used. I am aware that this will dramatically reduce it's popularity but it is impossible to develop this essential feature as an external module.

I thank everyone for their attention.

Actually, I believe the commit timestamp stuff would be very useful in general. I would certainly like to see rigorous proofs of any multi-master replication technology built on top of them. I believe that while your replication stuff might rely on the commit timestamps, the commit timestamps rely on thing else (except the work that you have been churning on).

Using commit timestamps, one can easily implement cross vendor database replication. These can be used to implement something like trigger selective redo logs. I think they can be used to produce DML logs that will require a lot less accounting to manage replicating tables from PostgreSQL into another database (like Oracle or MySQL).

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