Jan Wieck wrote:
> I don't have any such paper and the proof of concept will be the 
> implementation of the system. I do however see enough resistance against 
> this proposal to withdraw the commit timestamp at this time. The new 
> replication system will therefore require the installation of a patched, 
> non-standard PostgreSQL version, compiled from sources cluster wide in 
> order to be used. I am aware that this will dramatically reduce it's 
> popularity but it is impossible to develop this essential feature as an 
> external module.
> I thank everyone for their attention.

Going and working on it on your own doesn't seem like the proper
solution.  I don't see people objecting to adding it, but they want it
work, which I am sure you want too.  You have to show how it will work
and convince others of that, and then you have a higher chance it will
work, and be in the PostgreSQL codebase.

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