> After digging around in the code for awhile I realized that there's a
> potentially bigger backwards-compatibility issue here: if we make the
> RI triggers dependent on finding a pg_constraint entry, then foreign
> key constraints loaded from dumps from pre-7.3 databases will no longer
> work.  Those dumps just contain "CREATE CONSTRAINT TRIGGER" commands
> which will not provide enough information.  We can make the triggers
> throw errors suggesting that the user drop the triggers and perform
> ALTER TABLE ADD CONSTRAINT.  Is that enough, or do we need to try
> harder?

I think it is reasonable to expect that we can not support 7.3 dumps in
that manner considering we are talking about 8.3 ;). We can't be
backward compatible forever.

Further in their right mind is trying to do a 24x7 shop on 7.3. They
could always dump to 8.1 and then to 8.3.

Joshua D. Drake


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