Andrew Dunstan wrote:

> It's also fair to say that this is a subject about which we usually get 
> much more noise from partisans of other SCM systems than from the 
> relatively small number of people who actually have to maintain the 
> postgresql code. (As Tom has pointed out, our biggest pain point is the 
> occasional wish to move things across directories.)

There are more features we are missing -- we just don't know about them

For example, currently if I have a patch and somebody reviews it and
opines that I have to change foo to bar; then I resubmit the patch.  How
do they find out whether I actually changed foo to bar?  Currently there
are two alternatives:

1. trust that I did it
2. review the whole patch again

With a distributed SCM, I could just patch the code and commit a new
revision in my branch to just change foo to bar, and then the reviewer
can check that I truly did what he wanted.

Another easy thing to do is to track the current HEAD in a branch of
mine.  Keeping patches up to date in parallel with other developments is

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