> Moreover work on things like bitmapped indexes that other people want to help
> on is hampered by this need to be mailing around patches. If two or three
> people submit changes (based possibly on different old versions of the patch)
> the main developer has to merge them into his version of the patch by hand and
> mail out a new patch. The whole point of a revision control system is to
> provide tools to make that easier.

O.k. everyone pay attention, I am about to agree with Greg! ;)

Greg are their tools to migrate CVS to monotone or whatever your
favorite is? The reason I ask is that I migrate the CVS to SVN every 4
hours I think it is and it isn't perfect.

You get weird messages in the logs that don't track right. Remember, we
have a very large repo.

Anyway, my point is, if we have those tools, why don't we do a
migration, have some peer review on the migration and actually make an
argument based on the results versus the theory?

I am happy to help with this any way I can, because I would love to see
CVS take a big diving leap off the backend of mysql into the truncated
data set of hell.

Joshua D. Drake


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