Joshua D. Drake wrote:
Moreover work on things like bitmapped indexes that other people want to help
on is hampered by this need to be mailing around patches. If two or three
people submit changes (based possibly on different old versions of the patch)
the main developer has to merge them into his version of the patch by hand and
mail out a new patch. The whole point of a revision control system is to
provide tools to make that easier.

O.k. everyone pay attention, I am about to agree with Greg! ;)

Greg are their tools to migrate CVS to monotone or whatever your
favorite is? The reason I ask is that I migrate the CVS to SVN every 4
hours I think it is and it isn't perfect.

Are you going to do trials for just Monotone, or will you include alternatives like, say, Mercurial (which seems to have quite a bit of traction, and should appeal to you as it's written in Python)?

There is a generic conversion tool called Tailor that might help you:



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