Warren Turkal wrote:
> On Saturday 24 February 2007 00:24, Warren Turkal wrote:
>> The interesting thing about Git is that is has two way sync support for a
>> SVN repository also. You could run a Git repository pushing changes in real
>> time to a SVN repository and present a CVS frontend also. I would like to
>> try converting the CVS repository of PostgreSQL to Git and try setting some
>> of this stuff up. Does anyone know how I could get the CVS repository
>> files?
> As a followup, the cvs2svn conversion says the following.
> Error summary:
> ERROR: Multiple definitions of the symbol 'creation' in 
> '../pgsql-cvs/cvsroot/pgsql/src/interfaces/perl5/Attic/test.pl.newstyle,v'
> ERROR: Multiple definitions of the symbol 'creation' in 
> '../pgsql-cvs/cvsroot/pgsql/src/interfaces/perl5/Attic/ApachePg.pl,v'
> ERROR: Multiple definitions of the symbol 'creation' in 
> '../pgsql-cvs/cvsroot/pgsql/src/interfaces/perl5/Attic/test.pl.oldstyle,v'
> Exited due to fatal error(s).
> I do believe that the files are actually malformed. If anyone knows
> how to modify them such that they are valid, please let me know. I
> have just deleted them since they are in an Attic directory.

When I do the conversion every four hours, I remove the perl5 directory.
This is what the converted tree looks like:


Joshua D. Drake

> I am in the middle of importing 25825 revisions into a svn repository
> based on a snapshot of the repository files that I pulled last night.
> I will probably post some further results once the import is is done.
> wt


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