Chad Wagner wrote:
On 2/26/07, *Josh Berkus* < <>> wrote:

    > Just wondering after reading so many mails from Hackers
    List.(its 2.15 AM
    > now!!) Is there anybody working on something to create a DB from
    > a) The TODO list
    > b) The sourcecode of PostgreSQL
    > c) The relevant Mailings from the developers lists

    Of those, only the TODO makes sense as a DB.  You're welcome to go
for it.

The TODO list is a bit outdated, and it would make sense to make it into a web page and assign names to the tasks and which releases the TODO task will make it in. Perhaps it would even be useful for folks to post their WIP patches, status updates, etc to such a page?

Any comments? I am willing to chip in. I could only imagine the current workload for maintaining this is a bit overwhelming.

Before we rehash recent debates, please, everybody, review them. Going over and over and over the same ground laboriously is really getting tiresome, and unfortunately it's also getting more frequent. It's *déjà vu *all over again.

And, for the record, I do not see the slightest point in putting the TODO list on its own into a database. None, zilch, nada. As database professionals we should be adept at recognising when the use of a database is appropriate and when it isn't. If we put it into a tracking system (presumably database backed) that would be another matter, but that has gone nowhere as usual.

There is some point in putting it in a wiki where we can gather relevant documents, links to discussions etc. That's why the developers' wiki was established, AIUI.



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