There are 2 other reasons to favor triggers though:

1) People (Josh Drake comes to mind) have found that if you get over
a tiny number of partitions, the performance of rules is abysmal.

2) I believe it should be possible to construct an update trigger
that allows you to perform updates that will place the row in
question into a new partition. While I can see cases for simply
disallowing updates to the partitioning key, I think there are also
times when being able to do that would be very useful.

The consensus seems to be veering towards triggers.

I think it'd be great to make adding and removing partitions as
simple as ALTER TABLE. I don't think that DELETE should be the
mechanism to drop a partition, though. Again, DML statements
shouldn't be performing DDL.

Since partition is inheritance-based, a simple DROP or  "NO INHERIT" will do
the job to deal with the partition. Do we want to reinvent additional syntax
when these are around and are documented?

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