On Friday 09 March 2007 01:23, NikhilS wrote:
> Hi,
> > This follows on from the suggestion I made - taken along the lines of
> > the subject "auto creation of partitions" where I suggested the syntax
> > of partition check(month of mydatecol) and have a new partition created
> > as data was entered. With this scenario dropping the partition when it
> > was empty would complement the creation of a new partition as needed.
> >
> > Given that there seems to be no real support of going with "auto
> > maintenance" were new partitions are added as needed, then the auto
> > dropping of empty partitions would also not apply.
> >
> > Leaving us with only specific add partition / drop partition commands.
> > And have the parent table pick up rows not matching any partition check
> > criteria.
> I was thinking along the lines of what Jim had suggested earlier regarding
> overflow partition. Instead of dumping unmatched rows to the master table,
> we could put them into a default "DUMP/DUMB" partition.

I'm quite content dumping unmatched rows into the master table. This makes it 
very easy to scan partitioned tables for busted partition setups.  Having a 
DUMP tables seems only different semantically, so why learn new semantics? 

> Given that Simon wants to do away with having the master table APPENDed in
> the planning phase, this would be better.

ISTM you're trading appending the master table for appending the DUMP 
partition, which afaict would give you no gain.  

Robert Treat
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