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> One possibility would be to require 3 functions for a partitioned table: one
> accepts the partitioning key and tells you what partition  it's in, one that
> tells you what the minimum partitioning key for a  partition would be, and one
> that tells you what the maximum would be.  If the user supplied those 3
> functions, I think it would be possibly  to automatically generate code for 
> the
> triggers and check  constraints. The min/max partition key functions might
> allow you to  more efficiently do partition elimination, too.

But then it would be harder to tell whether a clause implied a given
partition. That is, if you have a partition constraint of "col OP const" then
we can test whether a query clause of "col OP2 const2" implies that constraint
when planning (or actually whether it implies it's false to exclude the
partition). If you have a constraint like "P1(const)" it'll be pretty hard to
do much with that.

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