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> Simon Riggs wrote:
>> It's probably a good idea to have a queue of those too, to allow others
>> to finish them if the original author hasn't/can't/won't. I'm not sure
>> which ones you mean.
> At this point, with four days left before feature freeze, if the authors
> don't finish them, I doubt someone else is going to be able to do it.

This isn't the standard that we've used in the past. In the past patches that
are mostly done and need some extra work done to polish them off are
considered to have met the feature freeze. 

In any case I think Simon and you have fallen into the trap of thinking of
development as a single-person project. Most developers here, especially
first-time contributors, don't just work in the dark on their own and turn up
with a finished patch. They have questions and need help in areas. If you
insist on a "finished" patch before you even consider reviewing their work
it's not going to work.

  Gregory Stark
  EnterpriseDB          http://www.enterprisedb.com

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