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Simon Riggs wrote:

It's probably a good idea to have a queue of those too, to allow others
to finish them if the original author hasn't/can't/won't. I'm not sure
which ones you mean.
At this point, with four days left before feature freeze, if the authors
don't finish them, I doubt someone else is going to be able to do it.
This isn't the standard that we've used in the past. In the past patches that
are mostly done and need some extra work done to polish them off are
considered to have met the feature freeze.

My assumption is if authors don't finish them in the next few days, they
are unlikely to finish them during some grace period during feature
freeze.  And the extra time is usually allowed for changes requested by
committers, while at this point the authors aren't done and haven't even
gotten to committer review.
Well hold on Bruce, that isn't quite fair. I know there are patches in this cycle that have been waiting on reviewers/comitters not the other way around. Clustered indexes for example. I know that Gavin is "this close" to having vacuum finished for bitmap index on disk. Alvaro's vacuum patch isn't done
either, although he has submitted WIP.

Perhaps it makes sense to say:

Feature Freeze: April 1st., no "new" patches accepted for 8.3
Patch Freeze April 15th., Authors have until the 15th to address any committer concerns



Joshua D. Drake

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