Larry Rosenman wrote:
It doesn't matter as far as MY box is concerned. I use VMWare extensively in my current $DAYJOB, and I want to be able to test/play with things related to that as well. The box I'm building will be using the (free) VMWare Server
as it's virtualization platform.

I'd still like to hear from a Tom Lane or someone else on the project with what
X86 or X86_64 OS's we need coverage for.

VMWare Server is indeed a fine product, which I use extensively.

I am not sure what our Windows support is like for x86_64. Magnus has one for MSVC (for which buildfarm support is nearly done, but not quite). But I don't see one for MinGW. OTOH, Windows is not free (in either sense) and setting up a build environment there is quite a bit harder than on Unix platforms.

The other platform I've whined about missing for some time is HP-UX, especially on PA-RISC. But that's a whole different story.



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