VMWare Server is indeed a fine product, which I use extensively.

I am not sure what our Windows support is like for x86_64. Magnus has
one for MSVC (for which buildfarm support is nearly done, but not
quite). But I don't see one for MinGW. OTOH, Windows is not free (in
either sense) and setting up a build environment there is quite a bit
harder than on Unix platforms.

yeah improving windows coverage might be a nice thing - some other
random thoughts might include:
*) a linux x86_64 box with say the non-commercial version of icc (intel
c compiler)
*) recent netbsd/amd64
*) solaris 10/x86 - gcc and sun studio
*) maybe solaris express/opensolaris?
*) as said early we don't seem to have any suse/novell coverage at all

I'll see what I can do on the NetBSD and Solaris fronts.

IMO, the Solaris one is probably more important than NetBSD.


Joshua D. Drake


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