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> >I think this is a corner case that CVS handles in a particular way and
> >the tools people are using to read the repository handle in a different
> >way.  Which would be a bug in those tools, since CVS's interpretation
> >must be right by definition.


Would anyone know if these were "hand moved" to Attic?  For instance, I
*can't* seem to get non-dead files into Attic, no matter what I try with
my cvs (on debian).  But I haven't gone through the last 8 years of
CVS's CVS logs to see if they fixed a bug in the cvs server code that
would allow a non-dead HEAD rcs to be in the Attic...

> The question is if it'd be acceptable to manually remove that last commit
> from the repository. I guess simply readding, and then removing the files
> again should do the trick, though I'd be cleaner to fix remove the
> offending commit in the first place. Should postgres ever decide to switch
> to another version control system (which I don't advocate), that'd be
> one obstacle less to deal with...
> Or is the risk of causing breakage too high?

Well, I've "hand fixed" this in my conversion process so my git
conversion should not have this problem...

I'm not a fan of mucking around by hand in CVS.  It's only because of
the short comings of CVS that it's necessary to every resort to that.
So I don't think re-adding/deleting it is worth it...

I've updated the repo.or.cz/PostgreSQL.git again - and this time it
should be pretty good.  Consider it "usable" to clone off and follow CVS
development with...  I won't re-convert the whole thing again, and will
just provide daily updates to it now.  Unless anybody finds issues with

Ignore the "public" branch in there - that got in in an errant push, and
I don't know how to remove branches on repo.or.cz.  I'm now just putting
"conversion notes" up in the public branch...  IT's *not* a PostgreSQL


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