Aidan Van Dyk wrote:
> I'm an unknown here, I know - I've used PostgreSQL for years, but only
> recently started following the development community...  And at this

I'm probably unknown here as well. Hi everyone ;-)

> And remember the warning I gave that my conversion is *not* a direct CVS
> import - I intentionally *unexpand* all Keywords before stuffing them
> into GIT so that merging and branching can ignore all the Keyword
> conflicts... 

My import is unexpanding those as well to support rebasing and merging

So - if you are committed to providing your gateway long term to
Florian, I'm happy to drop my gateway in favour of yours.

(Florian, before basing your code on either you should get a checkout of
Aidan's and mine and check that the tips of the branches you are working
on match the cvs branches -- the cvsimport code is good but whereever
CVS is involved, there's a lot of interpretation at play, a sanity check
is always good).


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