* Florian G. Pflug <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [070417 20:30]:

> >So - if you are committed to providing your gateway long term to
> >Florian, I'm happy to drop my gateway in favour of yours.
> There seem to be other people than me who are interested in a git
> mirror. Maybe we could declare one of those mirrors the
> "official" one - I guess things would be easier if all people
> interested in using git would use the same mirror...
> What do you guys think?

I'll provide that gateway as long as I have access to hardware and
access that can keep up with PostgreSQL CVS...

Of course, the beauty of a DVCS is that we don't really need an official
one...  And with GIT, you can even "graft" history in if you want.  So
you could even "start" your GIT work from a cvs checkout of whenever,
and "graft" any commit from any of the CVS->GIT conversion history as a
parent to your starting point.


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