On May 1, 2007, at 1:32 PM, Tom Lane wrote:

Stefan Kaltenbrunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Josh Berkus wrote:
For now, yes. In the long run, we want to provide users with other methods
of encrypted connections than the rather flaky and
not-available-on-every-platform OpenSSL.

I'm curious - on what platform is OpenSSL NOT available ?

And even more curious to see you defend that offhanded bashing of OpenSSL, a tool a whole lot of people (including me) depend on all day every day. If Postgres had the market penetration of OpenSSL, our lives would be a
lot different.  Have you got even a shred of evidence that GSSAPI is
more stable than OpenSSL?

                        regards, tom lane

Windows?  I don't do Windows, so I'm guessing.

If you accept that Microsoft's SSPI is a flavor of GSSAPI, then GSSAPI is more widely supported and probably more stable on Windows machines than OpenSSL is.

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