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> Subject: [HACKERS] New idea for patch tracking
> As for #3, again, I don't want us to take on a burdensome patch tracking
> process that is more effort than it is worth, and the lack of people
> jumping to even manage a simple web page for current 8.3 patches has me
> questioning what kind of support a burdensome tracking system would
> receive.

I don't recall hearing you ask for people to help with a web page.

> What I think we can do simply is to have our email software automatically
> number emails submitted to the patches list that already don't have a
> number.  This way, all followups, even if moved to the hackers list, would
> maintain that patch number, and if an updated version is posted, the user
> would keep the same number in the email subject.

<snip tracker outline>

Barring a few trivial details, that sounds almost identical to what I proposed.

Regards, Dave

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