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Hiroshi Inoue wrote:
Joshua D. Drake wrote:
Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Hiroshi Inoue wrote:
Maybe it's BSD which is different from the license of psqlodbc (LGPL).
Is there no problem with their coexistence ?
Or is it possible for psqlodbc to be LGPL entirely ?

I am having difficulty in understanding what the problem is. My understanding is that using BSD licensed code is ok in an LGPL project, but (probably) not vice versa.

To my knowledge you can do it either way, as long as you remember that any changes to the lgpl code have to be released.

Could you tell me a recommendation ?
I feel completely LGPL one is simpler.

If you are asking me, which code you should release under, I would suggest the LGPL as the psqlodbc driver is licensed under the LGPL.

Thanks a lot.
Could someone confirm the following my recognition ?

 The LPGL package could add and release a copy of some Postgres BSD
 licensed code as LGPL ones together with the current LGPL code and
 then the package is still entirely LGPL. When some changes are made
 on the LGPL but originally BSD licencsed code, we can't reflect the
 changes to the orignal Postgres code.

Hiroshi Inoue

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