I am sympathetic to the issues you and Andrew are describing (I
understand Bruce's stream analogy, but I think Andrew is right that
from the user's point of view, it's not usable).  But I am not
convinced that users voting on desired features will get us the
users' desired features.  The features we get are mostly the features
that have attracted developers.  The method by which that attraction
happens is interesting, but I don't think it's democratic.

Further, our community has always operated by consensus and public mailing list poll when applicable, and not by "majority rules" vote or anything similar. The only advantage I can see to allowing "voting" on TODOs would be to quickly answer the question "does anyone t all care about this", but I personally am not convinced that offering Bugzilla-style voting would help that at all. On other projects, my experience is that people don't use the BZ voting, even projects which otherwise use BZ extensively.

--Josh Berkus

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