Stephen Frost wrote:
> * Tom Lane ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> There is a related risk even on Unix machines: two postmasters can be
>> started on the same port number if they have different settings of
>> unix_socket_directory, and then it's indeterminate which one you will
>> contact if you connect to the TCP port.  I seem to recall that we
>> discussed this several years ago, and didn't really find a satisfactory
>> way of interlocking the TCP port per se.
> I'm curious as to which Unix systems allow multiple processes to listen
> on the same port at the same time..  On Linux, and I thought on most,
> you get an EADDRINUSE on the listen() call (which the postmaster should
> pick up on and bomb out, which it may already).

Linux certainly does. Windows seems to treat SO_REUSEADDR in the same
way as SO_REUSEPORT which just seems wrong.

Regards, Dave.

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