Chris Browne wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Josh Berkus) writes:
> > Bruce,
> >
> > Realistically I just don't see getting everything in the ToDo patch
> > list in; my vote is that we start deferring stuff for 8.4 if it
> > doesn't have a reviewer, except for items which were submitted early
> > in the cycle (and to whom it would be unfair).
> >
> > If that means shortening the 8.4 cycle somewhat, I'm for that
> > ... feature freeze in Feburary would be even better than April,
> > because it means we could be in Beta for the May-June-July
> > conferences, and increase our probability of being able to release
> > at a major conference or PostgreSQL conference.
> If we're pushing stuff planned for 8.3 off into 8.4, then doesn't that
> mean that we'd be inclined to _lengthen_ the 8.4 cycle?
> If we were to shorten the 8.4 cycle, that seems likely to me to worsen
> the problem, so that I'd expect to see even more stuff deferred for
> 8.5 than was the case with 8.3...

And, as I remember, we already deferred some stuff during 8.2 for 8.3. 

> > Obviously for 8.4 reviewers need to start reviewing stuff from the
> > first week of the development cycle.  I also don't actually see
> > anything wrong with a 3-month feature freeze if we can somehow
> > branch development earlier.  Easy for me to say, I know.
> Well, if people are essentially already working on patches for 8.4
> *now*, but just deferring merging until after 8.3 is committed +
> released, then we've got 8.4 work underway already.
> Unfortunately, that's also likely to worsen the problem of the
> reviewers' queues being even more overflowing.
> I'd sorta like to see the Tom Lanes and Bruce Momjians of the project
> getting to have some time to work on things that *they'd* like add, as
> opposed to turning things into a spiral cycle where they keep spending
> more and more of their time reviewing patches, as opposed to doing
> things they find neat and new.  Too many iterations of that sort of
> thing, and they'll not want to ever see a patch again...

Another good summary.

Myself, I have always done what no one wanted to do so that more people
can do what they want to do, and I am OK with that.  It helps the
project move forward faster than if I did only what I wanted to do.

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