Dave Page wrote:
>>> I the current URLs represent the month, and the ID of the message as
>>> it comes out of the mbox I believe. We could probably write a script
>>> to dump a list of message IDs, directories and mbox positions I
>>> imagine, and then import that into a new database.
>> Yeah, if the files still resemble real emails then we can probably come
>> up with a way to pull the data in.
> We have all the mbox files, so we can import them from there as raw
> messages.

yeah, that's clearly the best source to work from. It's *possible* work
from the mhonarc files (I've done it before), but it's more work.

>>> It's been on my list to rewrite the whole archive system for a while
>>> for various reasons. There is quite a bit of crossover with the patch
>>> tracker I proposed so I was hoping to look at both together.
>> Let me know when you start on that...
> Roger.

Same here - I've done something similar (off mhonarc files and in much
smaller scale) before, and I'm definitely interested in helping out.


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