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On Tue, May 15, 2007 at 04:52:16PM -0400, Alvaro Herrera wrote:

This is what happens with the Linux kernel.  They have hundreds of
developers getting their hands dirty during a previous period.  Then
2.6.20 is released; the 2.6.21 "merge window" opens, and all sort of
patches are flooded in.

I hasten to point out that the Linux kernel has also had several
"stable" releases with huge bugs --

/me fondly remembers kernel 2.4.

We keep focusing on process. I am on record as saying we can improve our processes, but the fact is our major immediate problem is person-power, not process. We need more qualified reviewers. Qualified means (to me, at least) you have to have done enough visible PostgreSQL hacking that a committer can reasonably place some level of trust in your review, thereby saving some time. That's not to say that others can't or shouldn't do reviews - every little bit helps, but if Freda Bloggs comes along with a review of some new, large, feature, she isn't helping to make the process shorter, although she might be helping to make it more robust.



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