Greg Smith wrote:
On Thu, 17 May 2007, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

For this item at least the work has been done in showing how to set up a local mirror using rsync instead of CVSup...although frankly it would be better to import the information rather than just refer to the buildfarm HOWTO.

The information in the buildfarm HOWTO has maybe 1/2 of what you need to know--you get a local mirror out of it but no idea how to then use that on the client side to branch and generate patches. And what it does provide is less helpful than it might be because it includes diversions specific to the buildfarm application I found confusing.

Sure. And of course the creation of branches and generation of patches is irrelevant to the buildfarm. All this just reinforces my point that we should remove that reference and fill in the blanks on the docs, FAQs etc.

Incidentally, I don't use a repo mirror for online or offline work, although I do for buildfarm work. What I do is to have a pristine checkout of each live stable branch plus HEAD. I have a cron job that keeps these moderately up to date. When I'm working on a feature or patch, I make a copy (using cp -a) of the relevant branch and then go to work on that. If the work lasts a while, every so often I run 'cvs update' in that copy. And of course I run 'cvs update' before cutting a patch or doing a commit. When the work is done I blow away the work directory. If the work is large and I need to checkpoint certain files locally so I can roll back, I occasionally use RCS.

There's no right answer on how to work - everyone uses tools they feel comfortable with.



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