> Is there a reasonable way to treat libstemmer as an external library?

Hmmm ... do we want to do that if we're distributing it in core?  That 
would require us to have a --with-tsearch compile switch so that people 
who don't want to find & build libstemmer can build PostgreSQL.  I thought 
the whole point of this feature was to have a version of Tsearch which 
"just worked" for users.

As annoying as it may be to keep it updated, I think it's probably worth it 
from a user experience standpoint.  However, we should definitely put the 
exact libstemmer C files, as distributed by the project, somewhere so that 
updating stemmer each time we do a patch release is simply a matter of 
download and rsync.


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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