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> I've benn biten twice by this one:
> I enabled archiving on both my pgsql servers.
> the archive command was a simple gzip on an nfs mounted dir.
> Now the nfs server crashed.
> Both wal space filled up until postgresql shuts itself down because of no
> more space for WAL.
> That perfectly normal and expected.
> What I did'nt expect and don't understand is that postgresql refused to
> start up after the nfs server was up and running until I added some more
> space on the WAL fs although if it had started archiving ,
> space would have been there .
> I wonder if archiving could start before postgresql at least to make a
> little room for database engine to really start.

gzip write a new file and then deletes the old, doesn't it? So it must
require space on the xlog drive.

Does it still fail if you avoid using gzip and just use scp?

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