Marko Kreen wrote:
On 6/21/07, Michael Paesold <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Marko Kreen wrote:
> Considering Postgres will never user either "meter" or "mile"
> in settings, I don't consider your argument valid.
> I don't see the value of having units globally unique (literally).
> It's enough if they unique in the context of postgresql.conf.
> Thus +1 of having additional shortcuts Tom suggested.
> Also +1 for having them case-insensitive.

Agreed. Although I suggest perhaps to not press for "m" as minutes,
because it really is ambiguous for "months" or "minutes", esp. in a
context like "log_rotation_age".

IMHO, as postgresql.conf is not a scientific article to "Nature",
we can be more relaxed about this.  Currently admin-friendlyness
should top scientific precision.

As "minute" is much more needed unit that "month" it should get
shorter abbrevation.  If we _do_ have unit for months for
some reason, I would even suggest removing it to make "m"

That's ok with me, too. But instead of letting this argument about "m" get us nowhere, let's at least to the other improvements. :-)

Best Regards
Michael Paesold

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