On 6/21/07, Michael Paesold <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Marko Kreen wrote:
> Considering Postgres will never user either "meter" or "mile"
> in settings, I don't consider your argument valid.
> I don't see the value of having units globally unique (literally).
> It's enough if they unique in the context of postgresql.conf.
> Thus +1 of having additional shortcuts Tom suggested.
> Also +1 for having them case-insensitive.

Agreed. Although I suggest perhaps to not press for "m" as minutes,
because it really is ambiguous for "months" or "minutes", esp. in a
context like "log_rotation_age".

IMHO, as postgresql.conf is not a scientific article to "Nature",
we can be more relaxed about this.  Currently admin-friendlyness
should top scientific precision.

As "minute" is much more needed unit that "month" it should get
shorter abbrevation.  If we _do_ have unit for months for
some reason, I would even suggest removing it to make "m"


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