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On a somewhat related note, I have had spectacular lack of success in getting either MSVC or MinGW builds to work on Vista - so much so that I have currently abandoned my attempts on that platform and I resorted to resuscitating an old XP box for testing. Following some advice from Magnus, I added ACLs to the build root for both an admin and a non-admin user (cacls buildroot /E /T /G AdminUser:C and similarly for a non-admin user) . I can build as the admin user but when I come to run initdb it fails, complaining that it can't find the postgres executable.

Yeah, I ran into that problem as well. I'll look at my Vista box when I'm in the office tomorrow and see if I can figure out what hack fixed it for me.

If I then
switch to the non-admin user, it can run initdb just fine. However, that user can't build, because it gets a mysterious failure from mt.exe. MinGW is even worse - it says it can't run gcc because it can't run cc1.exe (IIRC), so it fails at the configure stage! All of this has cost me quite a few hours in the last week, with very little to show for it.

And that one...

Perhaps someone would like to tell me how I can remedy these problems. More importantly, this should be in an FAQ or some such. Also, I would like to know if we have really tested out on Vista the privilege surrendering code that is is supposed to work in Windows. It looks to me like it might not be working.

What makes you say that?

If we can make progress on these issues then I'll be happy. If not, I think we need to look carefully at what we say we can support, and what we declare to be still experimental.

Lack of completely reliable buildfarm support for MSVC or trouble setting up a buildenv doesn't mean we cannot support a platform - it just means we need o be extra vigilent to ensure that regresssion tests etc. do actually pass (though that level of failure would be visible on the BF I would hope - it certainly has been until now).

Regards, Dave

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