Kris Jurka wrote:

On Fri, 13 Jul 2007, Zdenek Kotala wrote:

Tom Lane wrote:
Kris Jurka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
So pam_message ** isn't const.

Ah, thanks.  I see luna_moth is giving the same warning, so it's still
not const in Solaris 11 either.

Is it worth working around this?  It's strictly cosmetic AFAICS.

The main issue in my mind would be how to determine whether to use
const or not.  If all Solaris releases are like this, and can be
expected to stay that way,

I think yes. It is defined as X/Open standard says.

Not according to the link you sent earlier. My reading says that Solaris has it defined wrong and pg has it right.

If I look there

in "Call Back Information" section. The structure is defined as

struct pam_conv{ int (*conv) (int, struct pam_message **, struct pam_response **, void *); void *appdata_ptr; };

I don't see any "const" keyword there.


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