Neil Conway wrote:

(schemaname, procname, nargs) is still ambiguous in the face of function
overloading. Although the presence of procid uniquely identifies each
function anyway, if you're going to include the name and argument
information, it might be worth including the argument types as well (as
an array of regtype, perhaps).

This is true. I was being a bit selfish here - in our environment we don't
use overloading that much - schema, name and nargs are usually sufficient.
It is also convinient to be able to do "select * from pg..." and have the
output not to wrap around.

From looking quickly at the patch, I don't think the current coding
handles set-returning functions (ExecMakeTableFunctionResult).

Hmm, should be handled. The number of tuples returned is not counted though,
perhaps this is another thing to add ...


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