Tom Lane wrote:
I do essentially all my development work with installations that are
--prefix'd to user directories and started/stopped by hand; it's just
a lot easier to manage a pile of different versions that way.  Plus
I never need to become root.  Not sure how other developers work,


That's exactly how I work - I have a set of source trees and a script that invokes configure with port and prefix arguments to make sure they don't collide.

Like you I do almost all my work on some edition of Fedora - not always the latest by any means (e.g. currently it's FC6).

My vote would be for RHEL5/CentOS5 (they are basically the same thing - CentOS is RHEL with the RH badging removed, for the most part, and you don't need a RHN subscription). I think that would be a good combination of stability and currency.



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