Robert Treat schrieb:
That would be nice. Of course none of this seems relevant to hackers, so I'd
Your'e right - of course.

But sometimes I wish 'hackers' would care a little more about their interfaces as the best backend can't be good without good interfaces and some of the PostgreSQL-interfaces don't reach the standard they are reaching for other databases. As a windows-user I still can't drag and drop a Dataset in VS.Net with Npgsql and I still have to build a single-threaded perl if i want to use DBD::Pg (I know about DBD::PgPP).

I'm really happy with the backend right now and I could perhaps convince the decision makers at my job to use my personal favorite (in addition to MSSQL) - but not as long as the interface doesn't look like the one they are used to.

If C# will not go above 5-10% in this statistic, PostgreSQL will not be able to cover all the markets it could. See:

As I know that this is is off-topic here I'm not going to discuss this any further on this list but I'll respond to personal mails or follow an invitation to 'advocacy' (to which I'm not yet subscribed) or any other convenient list.



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