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> Brar Piening wrote:
> > Robert Treat schrieb:
> >> That would be nice. Of course none of this seems relevant to
> >> hackers, so I'd   
> > Your'e right - of course.
> >
> > But sometimes I wish 'hackers' would care a little more about their 
> > interfaces as the best backend can't be good without good
> > interfaces and some of the PostgreSQL-interfaces don't reach the
> > standard they are reaching for other databases.
> > As a windows-user I still can't drag and drop a Dataset in VS.Net
> > with Npgsql and I still have to build a single-threaded perl if i
> > want to use DBD::Pg (I know about DBD::PgPP).
> >
> >
> This latter is simply not true.
> ActiveState Perl is threaded and DBD::Pg works just fine with it. In 
> fact, you don't need to build your own - just get the one from
> pgfoundry:

  And I've been using a threaded Perl on Linux/BSD systems for
  years.  In fact, unless someone recompiles Perl every Fedora
  and RHEL system out there using Perl/DBI is doing it with a
  Perl compiled with thread support. 

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