Yeah, We have released Ver2.0 now. However, It is MS-VisualStudio and
somewhat difficult. Then, Some change of ADO2.0(.NET2.0)...
we want to clear a problem. However, It seems that very much time is
required one by one. There is many expectations. :-)

Hiroshi Saito

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Hi all!

I know this is OT, sorry for that.

I just wanted you to know that I've read this thread and welcome any and all 
help in order to get
Npgsql in best shape as possible.

As pointed out by Robert, join us on Npgsql Forums so we can discuss. This 
would be very nice!

I also agree with Brar Piening about the need to have better interfaces and Npgsql Team hopes to get
Npgsql in a great standard so it is easier for .net developers out there to 
start using Postgresql
and enjoy working with Npgsql and Postgresql! :) That's what I want to happen.

Andrei, it would be very nice if you could join us to help make Npgsql better!

Thanks in advance.

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