Seeing the history of PostgreSQL development, following features are
expected in pgAdmin:

(1) Facility to insert a column in between other columns during table
(2) Facility to view relationship diagram.
(3) Facility to view table performance level graphically.
(4) More documented interface. Example: while creating columns, few boxes
are disabled. There is no information on-screen on how to enable them.
(5) Facility to print table details (Name,DataType,Size,Constraint etc.)
(6) Database Statistics (health, index details, log monitoring,
Enable/Disable Backup/Recovery Options, Fine Tuning etc.)

Considering a mature RDBMS like PostgreSQL, an intuitive GUI Control Panel
is a must.


On 8/4/07, Dave Page <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Rohit Khare wrote:
> > PostgreSQL has the oldest community of coders, and PostgreSQL itself is
> > the oldest product. Still its performance (in some areas) and GUI does
> > not match MySQL. MySQL .NET Driver gives very good performance for the
> > MySQL Database, FireBird .NET Driver gives performance for FireBird.
> >
> > Not only it is with .NET Driver, but other areas like pgAdmin for
> > Windows. It is not easy for a beginner to work with. Compare it with
> > MySQL administrator.
> I regularly get emails telling me how *good* pgAdmin is compared to our
> competition, and rarely, if ever, the reverse. What do you believe makes
> it hard to use?
> Regards, Dave

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