Michael Meskes wrote:

we have two build farm members failing to make since I committed teh
ecpg changes: echidna and herring.

It looks like they are still using an old preproc.c although they
checked out the new preproc.y. I have no idea how this is supposed to
work so could someone please enlighten me?

Yes it looks like that. But the buildfarm client doesn't actually build in the repo normally - it builds in a temp copy which is removed at the end of the run, precisely to avoid this kind of problem, so I'm a bit mystified how it can happen. In fact we go to some lengths to ensure that there are no extraneous files, but this one might not get caught by that because it is is in .cvsignore. This sort of thing is usually a symptom of somebody having run a build in the repo directly, a thing that buildfarm owners have been repeatedly advised not to do.

Anyway, the simple solution is to ask Darcy to blow away the repo (these buildfarm clients share a single cvs checkout) so that the buildfarm client will get a fresh checkout next time it's run.



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