Darcy Buskermolen wrote:
This sort of thing is usually a
symptom of somebody having run a build in the repo directly, a thing
that buildfarm owners have been repeatedly advised not to do.

This is something I do not recall doing, however it's possible. though this does make me ask why are the build dependencies in the Makefile are not properly setup to tell that the .y needs to be rebuilt (which I would assume would make this problem also go away)

Thje way cvs works is that it gives the file the date it has in the repository, so if your preproc.c is newer than the preproc.y, make will detect that and not rebuild it. If Michael's checkin occurs between the time the repo is updated and the time bison gets run on the original file this will happen. But if you never ever build in the repo then it won't, because buildfarm only ever builds in a copy (unless you're building with vpath, in which case it cleans up the generated files).



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